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7Wingnut Corrupted Profile

Biographical information

Wingnut No .1 Spring Issue (comic book)

Weapon(s) of choice

Grapling Hook
Metal Wings
Fists, Feet and Wit


Comic Book Superhero


Michelangelo (formerly)
Casey Jones (formerly)

Physical description

Alien Bat (Comic book character)



Hair color


Eye color

Yellow (in corrupted form)

Out of universe information

2012 series

First appearance

Bat in the Belfry

Voiced by

Daran Norris

Teachers and Students



Wingnut is a comic book superhero and the partner of Screwloose.


In his comic series, Wingnut is an alien brown bat who comes from the planet Dexion V in the Huanu system. He lost his parents at the Intergalactic Movies and later adopted Screwloose when he lost his parents to a tragedy at the Space Circus.

Bat in the Belfry

After April's crystal brought the villain Monoculus to life from his comic book, Mikey tries to use it to bring his favorite comic book super heroes "Wingnut and Screwloose" to life as well. After Casey playfully shocks him, the stray electricity hits the crystal, bringing the characters to life. After a brief altercation that resulted from Wingnut believing that Mikey was their nemesis "Tortoise-Man", the four have a fun night stopping crime and helping people. After fighting Skullface McGillin, Michelangelo and Casey try to tell them that they came from a comic book which, they do not believe. To prove this, they show them the crystal that brought them to life, whose power the two heroes become instantly obsessed with. After grasping the crystal, the two mutate into monstrous forms and fly off toward their bell-tower lair (also animated from the world of the comic). It is there that Wingnut and Screwloose realize that they were never real, but images projected into reality. Wingnut told Screwloose that the crystal can sustain them, and harnessing it's power will make them "more real than the beings in this world". After a fight with the turtles and Casey, April absorbs the excess energy that corrupted them, shortly before they accept their fictional existence and that they do not belong in their world. April then absorbs the energy that made them, as they bid them farewell.



  • The name "Wingnut" was first mentioned in the episode "The Mutation Situation" as Mikey tried to nickname Kirby O'Neil's mutated form.
  • Wingnut brings several references to the DC Comics character Batman.
    • His debut episode's title is similar to the first episode of the 2004 Batman animated series, "The Bat in the Belfry";
    • Wingnut and Screwloose first appear as comic book characters;
    • Wingnut's costume, much like in his classic counterpart, counts with his black gloves, black trunks and an utility belt;
    • He also uses a bat shaped boomerang called the "Wingnut-a-rang", a homage to Batman's iconic Batarang gadget.
    • The mask with the black front and the drawn eyebrows is a nod to a specific version of Batman, the one played by Adam West in the 1966's iconic TV series.
    • His Bell Tower Lair slightly resembles the Batcave to a degree. Both are dark, lit only by low toned blue lights. Both have a giant penny and a large bipedal animal (giant squirrel for Wingnut and T-Rex for Batman) as trophy, and Wingnut has a large supercomputer that resembles the Batcomputer.
    • His voice actor, Daran Norris, voiced Batman in the animated short Joker's Playhouse, which was directed by Ciro Nieli and written by Brandon Auman.


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