Wyrm figure

Vital trashtistics

Accessories: Trash Compactor Mallet, Worm Knife, Worm Belt, Porcuepounder and Munchy Mouth Worms
Birthplace: City dump
Weight: 183 lbs. (with open mouth)
Favorite Food: Rotten Meat
Favorite Measurement: Inch

One day, a mild-mannered trash man slipped and fell headlong into Shredder's garbage bin. The resulting nightmare: Wyrm - a planetarium warped and wiggly creepy crawler. Embarrassed by his slimy stench, this greedy garbage ghoul gathers gunk from the bowels of the sewers. This head honcho of the Unsanitation Department has a voracious appetite for munchy mouth worms, which make his eyes bulge with hunger. Tenderizing rancid rubbish with his trash compactor mallet, Wyrm's got the belly of a beast - and the breath to prove it. Only Muckman's foul enough to be Wyrm's friend. Mostly, though, no one likes to get too close to Wyrm - and that's why he's one solitary slitherer.