High Three! Don't tangle with the Turtles, 'Cause this tricky triple attack will toss the billboard bad guys as the Turtles begin their tactical breakaway at ballistic speeds!

All Z-Line Ninja sets connect. Build the city and create a world of zip-line action!

Product includes:

  • 1 Billboard Breakout Playset
  • 4 Command Strips from 3M
  • 4 wall clips 
  • 1 gargoyle launcher
  • 1 C-Clamp
  • 2 tension cylinders
  • 2 Z-line pulleys
  • 1 two-hand handle
  • 1 one-hand handle
  • 2 48" Zip-line
  • 1 72" Zip Line
  • 1 Angle Gauge


  • Figures sold separately
  • Adult Set-up Required
  • Works with most Turtles Figures
  • Safely and securelly attach to walls
  • This set was based in a Billboard that appeared in many episodes as New Friend, Old Enemy


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