Biographical information

Xaava-Dal (formerly)
Soul Star (currently)

Date of death

The Power Inside Her


mental control

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Eye color

Green, Black and Red

Out of universe information

2012 series

First appearance

The Power Inside Her

Voiced by

Mae Whitman

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Za-Naron is a female aeon and an enemy of the Ninja Turtles and April O'Neil from the 2012 animated series.


Za-Naron is one of the first seven elder aeons, the very first aeons who founded their race on Solvadol, whose physical forms were disintegrated after 100 millennia and their spirits were each placed into the Soul Star, the most powerful treasure of their people, to exist forever.

When the aeons were redeemed thousands of years later by the Turtles and their friends from the darkness in their souls, they gave April a splinter of the Soul Star as a gift. April has since used the power inherent in the Shard on various occasions to reinforce her own psi powers when needed. However, her mind unconsciously came in contact with Za-Naron, whose consciousness lived in this splinter, and over time, the girl fell into a sinister influence that made her addicted to the crystal. It is not clear whether this influence originated from Za-Naron herself, or April's desire to help her friends and fellows at all costs, Za-Narons corruption was responsible and her increasing negative influence finally had a boomerang effect on April.

Za-Naron's apparent goal was to rid humanity of its "corruption" by eradicating the "unworthy elements" in its ranks. However, since her control of April was not absolute, she tried to persuade the girl with additional whispering to join her plan, allowing her full control over April. One of the acts she was attempting to implement was the telekinetic disintegration of Donatello; but this act and the pleas of her remaining friends made April rebel against Za-Naron's influence and tear the Soul Star splinter from her neck. When the splinter shattered in its fall, Za-Ranon rose from the rubble in a corrupted demon form and tried to take revenge on April. April, however, was able to kill Za-Naron with a blow of her tantos and subsequently used the last remaining remnant of the Soul Star to fully restore Donatello.