Biographical information

Sinit Ganu, Dimension Senut Yenool


Butterfly Swords

Weapon(s) of choice

Butterfly Swords


(formerly) Battle Nexus contestant

Physical description





6' 2"


200 lbs.

Hair color


Eye color


Out of universe information

2003 series

First appearance

The Big Brawl, Part 2

Voiced by


Teachers and Students

Zat (called Butterfly Swords in the toy series) is one of the contestants who competed in the Battle Nexus Tournament. He has purple skin, a red beard, and red hair. Zat also is bereft of the lower portion of his left appendage, for reasons unknown.


2003 Series

Zat, a warrior from Dimension Sinit Ganu, was a hopeful contestant in the Battle Nexus Tournament for the title of the most powerful warrior in the multiverse. Zat fought against Fly in the second round and became one of the seven finalists alongside Raphael, Michelangelo, Kluh, Gen, Dieskrad, and La to make it to round three.

In the semi-finals, he was supposed to be facing Raphael, while Michelangelo drew a lot which paired him up with Kluh. But since Michelangelo was afraid of Kluh, he switched lots with Zat; thus the confused Zat had to face Kluh, against whom he lost. In the meantime, Raphael fought Michelangelo, but Mikey managed to rile him so much with his taunts that Raphael lost his composure and let himself be bested. Horrified at the prospect of seeing Mikey win the Tournament, Raph grabbed the next available person in his emotional distress — which happened to be Zat — and shook him, repeatedly slamming Zat's head against the nearby wall and knocking him out in the process, until he was halted by Traximus.

Following the end of the Tournament, Zat, like the other contestants, returned to his homeworld. His current whereabouts are unknown. Zat's last appearance was in a pre-fight exhibition at Michaelangelo's grudge match with Kluh.

Personality & Traits

Zat doesn't seem to be very smart and is confused easily. Zat carries around two small swords, though in the cartoon, he only carries and wields a single butterfly sword.


Zat was made into a toy from the 2003 TV series.


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